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Heartiest greetings from “Dantay Dental Clinic”, a Multi-Specialty Family Dental Care Center.

In Sanskrit, an Indian ancient language, ‘Dantay’ means ‘For The Tooth’. We warmly invite you to get a customized & quality experience ‘For Your Teeth’. Our fully equipped and ambient dental practice is located at Baner-Pashan Link Rd, Pune.

We are also the treatment wing of “MaxFacIndia” and provide prosthetic rehabilitation for patients with defects of the head & neck region caused due to cancer surgery or trauma (prosthetic jaw replacements, artificial eyes, ears, noses, & fingers).

Established in 2009 by

Dr. Swati M. Dudani
General Dentist

Dr. Mohitkumar Tolo Dudani
BDS, MDS - Prosthodontics
Certificate Training UK:
Maxillofacial Prosthetics & 
Prosthetic Make Up

About Us

Welcome to Dantay Dental Clinic...!

We Care for your comfort

Inspired to give you a beautiful smile

Suitable solution for your dental worries

Providing holistic dental care for your family


A Normal Tooth Structure:

A tooth is made up of two parts: the Crown & the Root.


‘Crown’ is that part which is visible in our mouth as the white portion of the tooth. The hidden part of the tooth which is encased within jaw bone is called the ‘Root’. The root(s) of each tooth is attached to surrounding bone by a cushion-like periodontal ligament and the bone is covered on the outer surface with our gums.


Crown’s outermost layer is called ‘Enamel’ and Root’s outermost layer is called ‘Cementum’. Inner layer of tooth is called ‘Dentin’. Dentin encases nerves & blood vessels of the tooth, called as ‘Dental Pulp’ which provides nourishment & sensation to the tooth.


Each part of a tooth has its’ own role in keeping the tooth functional, healthy and natural & beautiful in appearance. Let us now see what happens when these parts get diseased & the kind of treatments available to restore their health & function.

Our Services


Teeth Cleaning & Polishing


Why teeth cleaning?... Read here and contact us if you need to get it done.

Dental Implant

It is amazing that nowadays we can replace a lost tooth with a dental implant which works as a tooth in its place.

Dental Fillings

Dental filling is restoration of broken down or lost tooth structure due to decay. Get a tooth cavity filled at Dantay and learn more about suitable fillings for you.

Veneers & Laminates

These high quality, high strength, thin shells are used to change the color, shape, & size of our front teeth – making your smile more beautiful & attractive.

Root Canal Treatment


When a tooth is deeply carious, broken down, or traumatized – we can still use this treatment to save the tooth and increase its lifespan.

Dental Crown & Bridge


Make a comfortable transition with us from missing natural teeth to replacements with bridge or get your weak tooth reinforced with a crown.

Our Expert Team

Dr. Swati M. Dudani

Dental Practitioner

Dr. Mohit T. Dudani

Maxillofacial Prosthodontist

Dr. Amit D. Hindocha


Dr. Pushkar Gawande

Oral Surgeon

Dr. Ameya Paralikar


Dr. Deepak Metha


Dr. Nimish Kothadia


Dr. Javed Sayyed


Our Dentists


Writing the testimonial for two of the most amazing medical professionals I have met in my life: Dr. Swati and Dr. Mohit Dudani.

Feeling proud at the same time for a simple reason that Dr. Swati happens to be my school mate and the kind of professional skills, she has developed over the years is really appreciable.

Honestly I started my treatment with her as I didn't know any other dentist in Pune and not on anyone's recommendation.

But, I found Swati to be extremely focused and aware of what she was doing for my treatment which was unlike what I have seen most of the times.

In each and every session, she kept explaining to me regarding the progress and details of our next session. Mohit Sir was someone who was always there for me though he wasn't a part of my treatment.

I wish them all the luck for completation of eight years of the clinic from the bottom of my heart.

I feel dedicated and pure souls like Dr. Swati and Dr. Mohit Dudani are the healers in true sense.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Veerdhaval Chorage

Founder Vision Lifestyle Partner SEF Fitness, Pune Partner Planet Fitness, Sangli

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Our Address

The Capital Unit No. 202 A - Bldg, S.No. 5/1/A, Baner - Pashan Link Rd., Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045 | Mobile: +91-988124 6706

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday 9AM – 5PM

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