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Dental Fillings

Dental decay is demineralization and breakdown of the outermost enamel layer of the crown. If it goes unnoticed, it continues down to the dentin layer & causes breakdown of tooth structure resulting in a cavity. The main reason for dental decay is acid attack by bacteria. The cavity will eventually lead to tooth sensitivity & food lodgment. If now left untreated, the bacterial attack reaches innermost nerves & blood vessels present in the dental pulp. This causes inflammation & results in the symptom of pain.

When decay is limited to enamel & dentin, a Dentist can remove the destructed part of the cavity & can restore the tooth with a suitable filling material. The filling or restoration gives proper shape to the tooth & makes it functional. Dental sensitivity also subsides & food no longer gets stuck inside the cavity.

Visit Dantay Dental Clinic to know more about your cavity problems & selection of the right filling material for the same.

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