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Root Canal Treatment

When tooth decay is left untreated, it reaches the innermost layer i.e. the dental pulp containing nerves & blood vessels. This causes inflammation inside the tooth leading to pain or toothache. This pain is characterized as either: severe/dull; intermittent/continuous; spontaneous/triggered by a stimulant like hot, cold, sweet intake, etc.

Root Canal Treatment has to be planned to save such a tooth & make it functional again. It is called so because treatment is for the infected & inflamed Dental Pulp which resides inside the crown & root portion of the tooth i.e. pulp chamber & root canal. So a Dentist needs to clean, shape and fill your tooth from the pulp chamber to the end of root canal.

This treatment would also be planned in certain specific situations – such as for fractured tooth; traumatized tooth; worn out symptomatic tooth; intentionally planned as supplementary for other treatments, etc.

Different sizes & shapes of fine needle like instruments are used to remove the infected pulp and to clean the root canal. Use of local anesthesia and our gentle care make the procedure painless. The removed volume is then filled with an inert material and finally the tooth is protected with a dental crown or cap.

To know more about this treatment and to save your tooth, visit us at Dantay Dental Clinic.

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